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09/05/2017 Eva is awarded the 2017 RSC Corday Morgan Prize


05/05/2017 We welcome Marichu Rodriguez from the Garcia-Alvarez group in Oviedo  

                       University which will be working with us for four months funded by Eva’s SRUK

                       Emerging Talent award


02/05/2017 Congratulations to Marco de Tullio on passing his PhD viva! Next stop for Marco is

                       his wedding in Majorca in a 3 weeks and many of us will be there too!


20/04/2017 Alberto’ work on the catastrophic cleavage of saturated NHCs is accepted for

                       publication in Angewandte Chemie


26/04/2017 Eva’s birthday and two papers accepted in the same day! Congratulations to Lewis

                      and his exciting ferrate complexes (Dalton Trans) and to Marina and her gallium-

                      induced activation chemistry (Forum Article in Inorg Chem)


31/03/2017 Our very own Iron Man, Dr. Lewis Maddock leaves the group, we wish him all the

                      best for his future!


29/03/2017 Eva visits Oxford to give a talk as part of the Organometallic and Main-Group

                       Chemistry Seminar Series


28/03/2017 Laia’s work on stabilizing sensitive anions using a Mg clamp appears published in

                      Chemical Communications! Well done Laia!


27/03/2017 Eva gives a seminar at the University of Reading.


08/03/2017 We all enjoy the first Athena SWAN lecture in the Department delivered by the

                       inspiring and thought-provoking Professor Polly Arnold (University of Edinburgh)


06/03/2017 Eva visits Janssen Pharmaceutica (Belgium) to discuss ongoing collaborations and

                       deliver a research seminar. Thanks Vittorio for organizing such an enjoyable visit!


01/03/2017 We welcome Samantha Orr as a new postdoctoral fellow in the group to work in a

                      project fully funded by Janssen Pharmaceutica


04/02/2017 Eva speaks at SRUK event at Glasgow University as part of the celebrations of

                       International Day of Women and Girls in Science


18/03/2016     Eva gives a lecture at LCC-CNRS Toulouse (http://www.lcc-toulouse.fr/lcc/)


29/02/2016    Alberto’s and Zoe’s paper on magnesiate SET reactivity in Dalton Trans., selected

                          as a hot paper



20/02/2016   Our paper on alkali-metal effects in manganate chemistry is now online



03/01/2016    A new Marina arrives to the Hevia group! Marina Hevia Honeyman is born!       

                         Congratulations to Gordon and Eva on the arrival of their second daughter!


28/12/2015     Marina’s new paper on alkali-metal manganate chemistry is accepted for

                         publication in Chemistry European Journal and selected as VIP. Well done Marina!


18/12/2015     Congratulations to Andy for passing his second year viva


13/12/2015     Marina is away to Pacifichem (Hawaii) to present her poster entitled

                         N-Heterocyclic Carbene-Stabilised Lithium Gallates: Synthetic, Structural and

                         Reactivity Insights! Enjoy the conference and remember to come back!


11/12/2015      Congratulations to Laia for passing her second year viva with flying colours


08/12/2015     Ross McLellan joins the group as a new PDRA. Welcome to the team Ross!


20/11/2015      Congratulations to Zoe and Alberto. Their work on SET reactions of sodium

                          magnesiate reagents is accepted in Dalton Trans in its Main Group

                          Transformations themed issue!


08/11/2015      Eva gives a talk at Durham University


03/11/2015      Eva becomes a member of the International Advisory Board of Eur. J. Inorg.



30/10/2015     Eva gives a talk at the 6th Workshop on New Perspectives in Asymmetric and

                          Organometallic Chemistry at the Universitat de Valencia, Spain.


06/10/2015     Welcome to our Final Year Students Lynsay Chambers and Stuart Dargo.


29/09/2015     Welcome to Michael Fairley and Victoria Pollard who have just joined the group

                          as 1st year postgraduate students.


26/09/2015     We say goodbye to one of our PDRAs, Tracy Nixon. We wish her all the best in

                          her new adventures in Chemistry!


21/09/2015     Our cover picture in ACIE appears online, ’Spooky NHC Chemistry with evidence

                          of “paranormal activity” just in time for Halloween! 👻


15/09/2015     Group’s Twitter account @EvaHeviaGroup goes live


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